Monday, June 22, 2009

a month of babyness

It's extraordinarily hard to believe, but Noah and Lillian are a whole month old today! In some ways it feels like they can't be that old, and in other ways it feels like they've been around forever. As wonderful as it is to see them change and learn and grow, it's a little sad to lose my teensy little newborns. Well, Lily still looks and feels like a newborn. Noah is starting to feel more like a large sack of flour. (A sack of flour with a tongue.) As of today, Lily weighs 6 lbs, 8 oz, which means she has gained a pound and 3 ounces. Noah weigs 7 lbs, 7 oz, which means he has gained two pounds and five ounces!! He is determined to be huge, I think. But as much as they are growing, they still have a ways to go. Noah is finally on the growth chart at the 5th percentile for one-month-olds, but Lily is still somewhere below the 5th percentile, although she appears to be gaining ground. (It's hard to tell--the little boxes on those growth charts are pretty miniscule!)

The babies have really started staying awake for longer periods, holding up their heads, and looking at things around them. We've even gotten a couple of smiles from them that seem like they couldn't have been completely accidental. Lily has teensy little biceps and calf muscles, no doubt from her constant kicking and flailing. We're pretty sure she'd be gaining more weight if she didn't burn off so many calories all the time! Mr. Noah is still calm and patient, and can entertain himself for quite awhile on the play mat or bouncer. He has recently perfected making the sound of an old, creaky door closing.

And now for some pictures...

Noah with Grandma, doing what he does best: (Well, second best if you count eating.)
Lily, taking a moment from her sport of giraffe-kicking to cast a knowing glance at the camera

Lily with her daddy

Cute baby feet, in cute hand-knitted socks that my friend Kate sent me. Her grandmother made these socks for Kate's new baby, but she had a normal-to-large sized offspring and these socks were apparently a better fit for dinky little feet.

And one more of sweet, sleepy Noah...

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vhewitt said...

Thanks for the report.I've begun to miss the babies so much lately!! Cathy looks so relaxed and content with Noah. I'm not sure when John will arrive, but I can't wait to see a photo of him and Cathy with both babies (and you guys, too!) Lots of Love!