Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas review: episode 2

Okay, I'm finally getting to the rest of the pictures from our Christmas festivities in Bastrop.

Lily with Gemma:

Noah "playing" with cousin (second cousin?) Jackson:

We tried "real" swings for the first time at a park in Bastrop. It was pretty cold (and it was hard to photograph moving swings at twilight), but the babies had a BLAST. I need to start looking for good playgrounds around here--that phase of our lives isn't far off now!

One beautiful day, we went for a hike at Bastrop State Park. Since I neglected to pack our baby carriers or COATS for the kiddos, we carried them with us wrapped in blankets. It got a little wearying for the adults by the end, but I don't think the babies minded--they both took the opportunity to nap.

Not sure I was supposed to see this one. (At least it's a BB gun.)

The kiddos try their hand at opening presents. They were terrible at it.

Noah's allllmost tall enough to see over Daddy's head!

Noah and Granddad:

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