Friday, June 11, 2010

the wild jungles of suburbia

I may never go out in the backyard at night again. A couple hours ago I found a (small) snake eating a (huge) toad. There was blood. It was very ick.

A few minutes ago I went out with the flashlight to make sure the snake-toad ensemble had cleared out before I let the dogs have access to the yard again. During my (squeamish) search, I inadvertently rediscovered a trick they taught me in third grade. Namely, how to use a flashlight to find spiders. The light reflects back off their spidery eyes as bright blue little glints of light.

There were a LOT of little blue glints. I tracked down a couple of the closest ones, and they belonged to massive wolf spiders. They tried to eat my toes, but I was already running away from the snake and the bloody toad, so they didn't catch me.


Amanda said...


Catherine said...

:::shudders involuntarily::: Ew, your post gave me the chilly willies. Its time like that when I am glad I live in the city where all we have to worry about is rude cabbies. Oh, and gigantic cockroaches.

Shawna said...

Oh, my heavens. Please don't expect me to ever enter your yard again.