Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hard to go back

Now that my summer break is over, today was Lily and Noah's first day back at Lisa's for babysitting while Scott and I both worked. I took them over a little early this morning so that I could stay a few minutes to help them get re-acclimated.

No dice, though. They started screaming as soon as we got in the door.

Nine hours later, they had taken a measly 45 minute nap, eaten very little, and cried most of the day. Oh, and Noah leaked nasty diarrhea through his diaper as soon as I picked him up.

And were they happy to get home with Mommy and Daddy? If happy means screaming, crying, and throwing fits, then yes. They were absolutely tickled to death.

I put them in bed an hour ago (at 6:30) and haven't heard a single peep since.

And we get to do it again tomorrow.



Catherine said...

I hear ya. I started Evy at a home-based daycare a few weeks ago. She naps horribly there, doesn't eat and is apparently super clingy and fussy. She is exactly the opposite at home though! On the weekends I think I have a dream baby! Did Lily and Noah do well before summer break? And how did you pick the lady that watches them?

Hewittfolks said...

I picked her based on proximity--she lives next door. :) And she's flexible, and we're friends, and it works out great on pretty much all fronts. They did better before summer break, although they have never done as well there as they do at home. Shorter naps, a bit fussier, things like that. But I think part of that is that they're over there kind of sporadically--one parent is home during part or all of most days.

Evy is getting to the age where she's able to realize you're gone and doesn't like when the routine's different--hopefully she'll adjust soon! Does she have a blankie or anything? The twins have had something since they were about 6 months old--they weren't attached at first, but they love them now.

Esther Littlefield said...

So sorry Lisa! That is rough.