Saturday, April 11, 2009

making things interesting

Well, the home stretch is here. Which is good, because I think my stomach is running out of room, and my clothes are running out of room for my stomach. I was at church last week, and during the singing, a small child tried to peek under my shirt, which of course was dangling about 2 feet in front of my body.

At the 30 weeks' ultrasound last Wednesday, the babies weighed almost 3 and 1/2 pounds each. This is a reasonable explanation for my massive belly, although it isn't really comforting to think of how much bigger they will get before they are done... It also means that I need to find a way to exchange the preemie-size clothes I've been given, since they only fit babies up to five pounds.

They are also both in the breech position right now, meaning that their little feeties are standing on my bladder and their heads are shoved under my ribs. (This may help explain why the top of my abdomen has been numb for weeks.) For the uninitiated, breech is NOT a good way to be born, especially not for twins. Ideally, they would both be head-down, or baby A would be head-down and baby B would be sideways-but-leaning-sort-of-head-down. They still have time to move, but that time is running out. I have one more ultrasound on May 6 to check their growth--if they are still breech then, it's a c-section for me for sure!

And that brings me to the next topic: baby eviction. Apparently twins at 37 weeks are considered about as mature as singletons at 40 weeks (full term). In other words, there's not really much benefit in their staying in longer than that--in fact, chances start to go up from there for other complications. So I won't be allowed to go past 38ish weeks. Either I will have a scheduled c-section if the babies don't flip, or they will induce labor if they do flip.

...Which brings me to my next idea. Anybody want to guess when the babies will get here? For reference, it will probably be between May 22 (37 weeks) and June 5 (39 weeks). Of course, there is still the chance we won't even make it that far. And just to be fun, we can guess how big they will be too. So post your guesses in the comments section, and the winner will get... well, the satisfaction of being right, I guess. And some leftover Easter candy if I don't eat it all. :)


Danielle said...

My date for the babies is MAY 26! :) That will also be the day I stop asking Scott what the names of the babies are.

Read on! said...

I will guess 25th May. Maybe 6lb 8 oz and 6lb 12 oz.

Hewitt's said...

I'm going to guess May 23rd..:)

Hewitt's said...

ohhh so closee...what do I win again???