Sunday, May 10, 2009

on growing a trifle weary

So I looked at the last post, which was a month ago. And it says something about being in the home stretch... boy, was that statement a little premature! No wonder it feels like I've been pregnant forever, if I've felt almost-done for such a long time!

People keep asking me if I'm ready. Which is a hard question to answer, really. Am I ready to be done being pregnant? Absolutely. I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Am I ready to be a mother? Twice?? Heavens, no! But I don't think I ever will be, so I feel like I might as well get started as not.

I am more than ready to shed the status of extreme popularity that seems to have befallen me lately. I never knew how much I relished my life of relative anonymity--but I've decided I really, really like not being noticed! At least, sometimes! Lately I can't walk past a single person (absolute strangers included) without getting some kind of comment, if not an outright conversation about my stomach. It's as if I am wearing a billboard that says, "Hey, I'm pregnant! You're the first person to notice! Ask me when I'm due! Ask me if it's a boy or a girl! Ask me if I'm happy to be having twins! Most of all, ask me what their names are--and then get offended when I don't tell you! And if you really want extra points, give me unfounded 'medical' advice so that I can go freak out and look it up on the computer until I'm reassured you don't know what you're talking about!"

Ah, well. It'll be over soon. I'm sure everyone will ignore me again once I'm toting two cute babies around...!

Okay, enough whining. Now for an update on the particulars. We went to the last scheduled ultrasound last Wednesday, the 6th. Both babies were hovering around 5 lbs each, which is good. Even better, they have stayed pretty equal the whole time, so there's no need to worry that one is getting more nutrition than the other, and there's no need to keep monitoring their growth with ultrasounds. If they keep growing fairly normally, they should weigh around 6 1/2 pounds at 38 weeks. The other important update is that they have both turned from breech position to head-down. So... no c-section, or at least not a scheduled one. The plan at this point is that I will just wait to go into labor and we'll see what happens. (This seems incredibly unnerving to me--I didn't realize how much I was looking forward to having a nice, scheduled event. How do people just wait for babies to arrive?!) If I haven't gone into labor by 38 weeks (May 29), we will schedule an induction. But once I'm in labor or getting induced, they'll do another position check to make sure they haven't flipped or shifted too much.

So... down to waiting. I am still working, mainly because they pay me and it mostly involves sitting on my bum, which no one pays me for when I'm at home. I'm going to try and stick out another couple of weeks, so we'll see!

Oh--and the babies have hair!

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