Wednesday, July 15, 2009

noah's traumatic event and other updates

A few days ago Scott put Noah down to sleep in his crib. He wasn't quite asleep yet, so Scott turned on the "TV"--a flat plastic toy that shines lights and plays music. It's supposed to strap to the side of the crib, but since we move it around a lot, we just let it lean against the side of whatever apparatus the babies are in at the moment. Noah loves the thing--it'll keep him entertained for a long time (at LEAST three minutes). A few minutes later, Scott heard hysterical crying coming from the nursery and went in to find the toy toppled over onto Noah's face, still flashing and playing music. It took the poor kid quite awhile to calm down!

Lily's fussiness has been a lot better lately, thank goodness! We were hunkering down for a few months of solid crying, since she seemed to meet the "official" criteria for having colic and colic generally lasts awhile. Every evening and into the night, we would enter an odyssey of wailing and screaming, courtesy of our little princess. But about a week ago, Lily had a really good night. And then another one the next day. And she's had one every night since. Right now it's 10:30 and she's in bed in the bassinet (not the swing!), sleeping soundly. This is an absolute miracle, in my opinion. I have no idea whether our good luck will continue or not, but it's nice for now!

And now for some pictures. We propped Noah up in the big comfy glider and noticed he was cute, so we took a picture:

And then we piled on Lily, and it was even cuter. It almost seemed as if they were beginning to appreciate each other's company...

...until Noah started trying to latch on to Lily's head. Again. So much for brotherly love.

Here's another gratuitously cute picture of Noah in that baseball cap. It still doesn't fit him, but it's scary how quickly he's almost grown into it, from how huge it was on him a few weeks ago.

And here's Lily, exhibiting her newfound laid-back attitude, since she's sleeping without being swaddled and without her trusty hair dryer blowing. And I'm sorry, but is she not gorgeous??

More evidence of her gorgeousness...

And a wonderful, happy fat baby smile from Mr. Noah to round things out:


Erica said...

Aww... you're making me miss my tiny twins! So cute!

Amanda said...

too cute!
They really do grow way too fast!
Did noah and lilly get anything in the mail recently?

Hewittfolks said...

Not lately... I'll have them check the mail on Monday though.

Emily said...

Oh my goodness, chubbers! I love it. And, though I'm biased, I think Lily is the prettiest, too. =)