Thursday, July 30, 2009

genetics and hand-eating

So as much as these babies look like their daddy, it appears that I have passed on a few little things to my offspring. Including, apparently, the art of sleeping with one's mouth open. It's also nice to know that this "gift" may be genetically linked, so that it's not something I can control...

Apparently the flash on a camera startles sleeping babies--who knew?

And here's the mega-pouty face I got for embarrasing her by taking advantage of such an unflattering photo op. That's her lower lip, by the way--not her tongue!

This picture of Noah makes me giggle. He tends to look sideways a lot, by virtue of having a head that lays better on the sides, and us trying to get him to look straight ahead. But this day he looked especially resentful of our efforts.

And here's a sampling of a skill Noah's been honing since birth: chewing on his hands. It's not the greatest video; sometimes he gets going even more than this. But those times I feel more guilty about videoing him instead of feeding the poor child.

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