Wednesday, October 14, 2009

promoting responsible family planning, one couple at a time

We have recently been visited by my brother Michael and his girlfriend Danielle. Bless their little hearts, they drove about 30 hours round-trip, mostly in rain, to come see us and the kiddos. It was my first time meeting Danielle, and it was very much a pleasure. I kind of feel bad having anybody come visit these days, because it seems like they get volunteered to help out with babies. But Michael and Danielle rose to the challenge beautifully... mostly. I think Michael's pretty sure he doesn't want children anytime soon, unless they can change their own diapers. And entertain themselves longer than 5 minutes at a time. And not cry all day long.

And here we have a few photos I hadn't managed to post yet, mostly because I am lazy.

This may possibly be my favorite baby picture so far:

We FINALLY found the little "baby trooper" onesies that Scott's coworker (another Danielle) got for them. I have packed and re-packed various sizes, seasons, and genders of baby clothing so much that I was afraid I had organized them into oblivion. But here they are, and I even found them before they got outgrown!


Hewitt's said...

We can't wait to see them next month!!!!
Love all the photos

Emily said...

They're getting sooo big. It makes me sad. But I'm so excited to see you guys next month! Ahhhhhh! =) Love you, miss you!