Sunday, September 27, 2009

what could be more fun than a laughing baby?

TWO laughing babies. Duh.

We can't quite match the level of the famous laughing quadruplets, but I think our version of multiple baby laughter is pretty cute.

In other areas of babydom, the kiddos have been cleared by the pediatrician to begin solid food. Mostly because they are four months old now, and not really for any other good reason. I had planned to wait until they were closer to six months old to start them on solids, but somehow having it mentioned by the doctor spurred some wave of food giddiness in me. I went from the doctor's office straight to Target, and came away with rice cereal, baby food of several different types, two dozen tiny spoons and a bunch of plastic bowls. (Our pediatrician may possibly receive kickbacks from Gerber for her crafty advertising.)

The resulting First Food experience started out sort of mediocre and disintegrated from there...

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