Monday, November 23, 2009


Six months ago, my babies were fetuses. Six months from now, they will no longer be infants.

As much as it seems like my life has been consumed by babies forever, this whole thing is going way too stinking fast. In the past several days, Noah has developed about 28 new facial expressions. He now has a consonant sound: "b", and babbles it all. the. time. He now rolls over CONSTANTLY in his sleep, and wakes up very confused as to who put him on his tummy. Lily deftly pulled off her socks today to play with her toes. Her hair is getting so long that she always looks like some sort of mad scientist with a flyaway 'do. Her favorite thing lately is the Grabbing Faces Game, which she pretty much never stops playing.

Our little fam just spent Thanksgiving #1 with Scott's family in Beeville. Brad and Becca are in Texas for awhile on their way to Australia, so we took advantage of the opportunity to celebrate with the family a little early. They're taking off soon for Becca's home country before their baby boy is born in a couple of months. We had a good time catching up with family and consuming ridiculous amounts of food.

On a related note, babies love routines. Need routines. Especially Lily. We have been traveling for the past 4 days, and missing our normal sights, sounds, and timelines. So either due to that, or because she experienced her first ear infection (and subsequent diarrhea-inducing antibiotics) over the past week, Miss Lillian hasn't been herself lately. Fussy, uncomfortable, not sleeping well, not laughing or smiling as much... it makes a mommy sad. So we finally got home this afternoon after a 6 1/2 hour journey. I almost breathed a sigh of relief, until I realized that tomorrow they have their 6 month checkup... and shots. And then the day after that, MY family will be rolling into town for OUR Thanksgiving. Holidays are wonderful and I love spending time with family... I don't like that there's a part of me that's starting to dread times like this, wanting to run away with my babies and protect them from anything that might disrupt their little lives. I want them to learn to be flexible and resilient, and the only way to do that is to let them experience things and learn to bounce back. But it's hard. Good thing it'll only get easier for me to control, protect, and manage their lives...

Okay, enough of that. (Have I mentioned that they are growing up too fast?) Now is when I would post pictures, except that I have tried twice and apparently the ever-capricious internet is refusing my attempts. I'll try again tomorrow...

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The Boyd Gang said...

Just waiting for nature to take it's course!! I'll worry about officially having my body back when I am completely finished.

I hope that you all survive the holidays. It gets much easier to travel as they get older. I need to come see you all. Maybe after the holiday craziness is gone. Call me and let me know what works best for you.