Wednesday, November 11, 2009

picture catch-up

So, Mommy's been a slacker in the visual media department lately. In my defense, though, I truly believe that time has speeded up lately. Take my last post, for example: It's only been about 3 days since I posted, and yet the dates say it's been over a week! Something has gone awry in the space-time continuum.

Anyway, I am catching up. This is mostly a collection of pictures and a couple videos, so to those of you who yawn a bit when I get long-winded, Happy Birthday. I'm not feeling verbose tonight.

Here are Halloween babies (Thing 1 and Thing 2) ready to dispense candy to the masses. (They are clearly unaware of the deliciousness of chocolate and chewy sugar, being so ready to give it all away!)

Mmm, peas!!

Mommy's exciting and slightly-psychotic peek-a-boo face...

Noah flying with Daddy

Lily has a great passion for sucking on things--she took to a pacifier from birth. Lately, though, she has her hand shoved in her mouth more often than not. A couple of times, it's been like this, just like Daddy used to suck on his fingers when he was little:

The view from our back porch on Diaper Day:

Could he GET cuter?

These are Texas babies, after all...

The kiddos enjoy sitting in front of the front door lately, can you tell?

...and now on to some video footage. Scott caught Lily blowing raspberries for the firsts time yesterday, and managed to catch it on camera. Believe it or not, it's a developmental milestone to blow raspberries! Lily isn't too happy about it, though...
People are always asking me about how the babies interact, since they're twins and all. I'm sorry to say that our kiddos do not show any of the touted benefits of twindom, such as being calmed by each other's presence, reading each other's thoughts, tandem telekinesis, or whatever else twins may be purported to do. They do acknowledge each other's presence, and could be construed to "play" with each other, if you're imaginative. Here they are:


Bobby and Shawna said...

Jenna said, "Oh! No cwy, baby!"

Bobby and Shawna said...

And then, when watching the second video, she started listing off her cousins' names, then replied to your good-bye. :)

Patty said...

those diapers are crazy...and, your peek-a-boo face equally so. :)