Thursday, August 13, 2009

our big adventure... sort of

It's been awhile since I've been able to post. I've been really meaning to for the last few days, but the time keeps getting away from me (worse than usual). This is our last week before going back to work, so I'm trying to squeeze in a bunch of things. Really fun things, like sifting through the semi-permanent pile of papers and cards that has littered the kitchen counter since the babies arrived. And squeezing a clothes-shopping trip in between feedings so that I could buy some fat clothes and not show up naked the first day of work. Fortunately (or not), Noah has chosen this week to move into the next size of clothing, which sends me into an odyssey of sorting, washing, and packing up. I have no idea how two tiny people can require so much clothing.

Speaking of moving into the next size of clothing, Noah is officially huge. Two days ago he weighed in at 12 lbs, 3 oz! He is in his fourth size of clothing since being born. And Lily is right at 10 lbs. The gap between them is definitely getting bigger! But they are both growing fine--it looks like Noah is approaching the 25th percentile, and Lily is finally on the charts.

We took a trip down to visit Gemma and Granddad last week. A 6-hour trek is quite the journey for new parents to attempt, so we were definitely feeling a little apprehensive. But the babies really did well! They don't need a whole lot of entertainment at this point, which is a blessing. They were happy through the whole car ride. And during our visit, we got to introduce them to gobs of family and friends. I will post pictures, eventually...

We drove home Monday, and a few miles from home we were congratulating ourselves on having had such a smooth trip. We celebrated a little too early, as it turns out... A few miles from our exit, I was in the backseat--I had just fed the babies with bottles and was pumping more milk (which takes at least one hand and a little coordination). Scott was driving and on the phone with his mom. I noticed a bit of drool on Lily's mouth and pulled up the burp rag that was next to her in her carseat, to wipe it off. I noticed too late that the burp rage was COVERED in yellow baby poo! Which I had just wiped on my poor baby!

Now remember, one of my hands is taken up holding the pumping stuff. So now my other hand is holding a poo rag, and I can't put it down, or I'll get even more poo everywhere! I told Scott we had to pull over, even if we were only 2 miles from our exit. At the same time, he was actually trying to avoid hitting some random guy who was walking slowly across the interstate, as he talked to his mom. So after a few minutes of confusion, he pulled into a conveniently-situated rest stop so we could pull things back together. He got Dakota out of the back and tied her to a trash can post so that I could use the back tailgate to change Lily's diaper (and clothes, etc.). As I tried to figure out how to get her outfit off over her head without getting any of the poo in her hair (or mouth), I heard Scott make a disgusted noise. Apparently the trash can to which Dakota was tethered had a puddle of leaky trash juice underneath it. Dakota must have thought she died and went to heaven--such a perfect opportunity to roll in some lovely muck! By the time Scott caught her, she was all wet and smelled like a dump.

This was the point I started laughing. Really hard.

As I continued getting Lily under control, Scott dragged Dakota away from the trash and I heard another yell. It seems that Dakota decided she was a little TOO damp from trash juice and had shaken herself... all over Scott! So now Scott smelled like a dump. too.

This was the point I started crying, I was laughing so hard.

Through my tears, I finally got all the way down to Lily's diaper. Turns out she hadn't filled her diaper to overflowing, as I had thought. Her diaper was just on a little crooked--enough that she pooped out the side. Totally preventable!

Needless to say, we limped home a little humble than we'd been just a few miles previously.


Emily said...

Your life makes me smile.

Mike and Cymbre said...

That is a hilarious story! Definitely one to share with Noah and Lily one day! It was great meeting all four of you while you were here!

Erica said...

So glad that you found the time to post this story, and that you found the humor in it right away. :)

Hewittfolks said...

I had to find it pretty quickly--I had to show it to Scott. :)