Saturday, August 29, 2009

this post was bought for the price of a nap

Unfortunately, my naplessness will likely sap all the creativity out of my posting. But I must post! It's been way too long.

For instance, I give you Exhibit A: Three-month-and-one-week old babies! It has taken me a WEEK to post that they are now three months old. At three months, Noah weighed 12 lbs. 9 oz., and Lily weighed 10 lbs., 9 oz. They were 21.75 and 21.5 inches long, respectively. That was a week ago, and now they are... well, a little bigger.

Here is something that makes their mommy slightly unhappy: They are both on the growth chart for weight (Lily is somewhere around the 5th-10th percentile, and Noah is around the 25th). But NEITHER of them is on it for height!! We are apparently producing beachball-shaped people. Perhaps hanging them from their heels is in order--maybe it will stretch them out. We'll have nap time, tummy time, and stretchy time.

Want to see them look REALLY small? I went to a baby shower last weekend and took the babies (but did not shower them). Another baby was there who is a week older than mine. Can you tell which one he is?

Right, that was probably too easy--he's half Chinese. Seriously though, the child made my babies look like silly imps! He weighs over 20 pounds. He is more off the charts on the large end than mine are off the small end, so it was really funny looking.

We had an interesting incident the other night--we're pretty sure our house was struck by lightning! I ran to Wal-Mart while Scott stayed home with sleeping babies. A storm rolled in. Scott was on the computer, and suddenly there was a massive clap of thunder and lightning. He also felt a big shock, smelled burned hair, and saw sparks all over the living room. He said the room was just buzzing afterward. The thunder was so loud that our neighbor called to see if we were okay. We're pretty sure the lightning struck our satellite dish, because Scott discovered a charred spot in the carpet and a place where the cable to the satellite receiver had blown out. Oh yeah, and our TV, DVD player, and satellite dish are all kaput. The lightning also killed the batteries (yes, batteries) in the thermostat control. And our security system (that we don't use) started smoking ominously when the power came back on. (Scott ripped it off the wall.)

Oh yeah, and Scott's okay. He had a headache, and found a quarter-sized patch of arm hair that had been sizzled off. (It wasn't touching the computer or anything, so it's a mystery.)

And the babies slept through the whole thing.

Okay, what else do I need to record for posterity...? Both the babies have laughed now--Lily only once (but very clearly) and Noah several times. And both of them have rolled over--Noah only did it twice in a row a couple weeks ago, but Lily has managed it several times. They have both begin discovering various body parts and can fling their arms in the general direction they want them to go. (It's endlessly entertaining to watch a baby stare at something and obviously want to touch it, but their arms just don't make it anywhere close.)

And now a couple more pictures. Not too many, because I've been a bad photographer lately, too. But I'm putting the camera on the charger and I promise to reform my wayward habits in the upcoming weeks.

Lily has some idea of smiling at the camera. Noah thinks it's a trick.

Emily got me this for my birthday--sadly, it took me over a month to stick the silly thing on my car. But I've gotten lots of comments on its cuteness since!


Emily said...

Yay! I love the stickers. =)

vhewitt said...

Cymbre told me at work today about reading about the lightning strike on your blog and Danny told me that he talked to Scott tonight on the phone and Scott told him about it. That is very terrifying. When I lived in Louisiana, we went through this several times with various household items getting fried. I am so glad everyone is okay (which of course is an understatement!) We miss you all and need to come say Hi! I'll try not to take so many pictures next time but can't promise anything :)! Love you guys!

Hewittfolks said...

We LOVE that you take pictures! It takes some of the pressure off of us! ;)

Vicki said...

I just read your reply about the picture-taking! I'm glad to know I won't have to worry too much about restraining myself!