Saturday, August 15, 2009

our trip in pictures

... or pictures, anyway. I wrote the title and then couldn't find many trip-specific shots! I'll have to beg them off of relatives and re-post. But, never fear--we have other pictures. I did find one of our trip, of the babies' first visit to the beach. Noah did great--he just hung out in my arm like that as we walked for a little while. Lily, on the other hand, had a small mental breakdown on our arrival, which is why she's swaddled at the beach. Ah, well--there's always next time.
And I forgot to mention our mini-trip a few days before the big trip to Corpus. We went and visited the family of Scott's friend Todd, a trooper who was killed in a car accident a couple years ago. But he did manage to produce four adorable children before he had to go. They like Scott:

And that's only three of them! (Scott is behind the horde of children, with Noah.) Tyler, the oldest, preferred to play with a rubber band at the moment.

Here is Noah dreaming of becoming a cha-cha dancer. Hopefully his dreams will become more gender-appropriate as he gets older.

Lily is really getting a handle on tummy time!

Noah is doing much better too. Both babies actually rolled over this week! I think it was mostly a fluke though--I always put them down on their bellies with their hands up like they would be for a push-up. It tends to keep them happier than having them down at their sides. So I don't think they can roll over "from scratch", like having to pull their hands up AND roll over. But still--I'm excited!

Oh, and I almost forgot--Noah has purportedly laughed, like 3 times! All incidents have been witnessed solely by the daddy, so I guess I have to take his word for it. But Noah apparently likes it when Scott makes fart noises. Boys!!

And speaking of boys, remember this picture of Noah?

And remember this picture of Noah?

Except it's SCOTT. Weird, huh? It's starting to look like we cloned Scott instead of going about babymaking in the normal way.

And one more happy twin picture for the road...

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Mike and Cymbre said...

I love when baby and parent as a baby look like the same person! We have friends who have a picture of baby, dad as a baby, and grandpa as a baby but it looks like the same person!