Friday, September 18, 2009

real babies!

It appears that our kiddos have finally gotten the memo on what babies are supposed to do, and they are complying accordingly. Cooing, laughing, reaching for things, and of course attempting to shove everything into their mouths. It's such an odd thing to never quite be sure what your children are capable of doing, because they're changing so fast. First I realized that, contrary to what I'd been telling EVERYONE, Lily's not that fussy after all. When did that change? We're still not sure. And as soon as I tell people they're not reaching for things yet.... they start. It's like trying to make friends with people as you stand in the middle of the street and they drive past you in cars. But not quite as frustrating. And the cars are really cute. :)

In other news, I am shedding. I debated on whether the whole postpartum hair loss thing was even worth mention on the world wide web, but mine has reached levels I never anticipated. I mean, seriously. I had read about losing hair after pregnancy, but I'm glad my doctor told me to expect to feel like a chemotherapy patient, because otherwise I'd be super worried at this point. The scariest amounts come out in the shower and directly afterward when I comb my hair. (I actually contemplated posting a picture of one shower's worth of hair, but decided that would definitely cross the "too much information" line I am so delicately treading.) So lately I've been going two or three days between hair-washings, to try and not go bald. The only problem is, it appears that without getting a bunch of hair out at once, I get to the point where I am just dripping hair. Literally. Like a leaky faucet (or possibly a waterfall), I can stand stock still and hairs just drift off of me.

And sadly, as much as I adore exaggerating for effect... I'm not. So if, in a few weeks, you see some squishy-bellied girl with large bald patches and think she looks familiar, just say hi.

And now for visual entertainment. It's Noah's turn this time. As he has not yet mastered the skill of rolling over, he had to find another venue to express himself. And as it turns out, he is a phenomenal laugher. He laughs at smiles, movement, tickles, funny noises--you name it. (See? Real babies!) There is one video on facebook--this one is different. Enjoy!


Mike and Cymbre said...

I love his big laugh at the end! How fun!!

Read on! said...

How happy!