Thursday, September 3, 2009

you know you're too gung-ho about multitasking when... settle yourself on the couch next to the breastpump to harvest a bit of milk. Pumping is boring, so you have brought something to do. But you look down, and between the computer, camera memory card, TV remote, two books, and a magazine you have brought with you to occupy your time for 15 minutes, you can't even get to the milk-makers. Multitasking is great, but apparently you can have too much of a good thing...

In other news, Lily is rolling over like a maniac. Okay, not really, but she rolls over a couple times a day now. I decided to document this milestone in video. It took three tries.

Attempt number one: Lily is all excited for her big starring "roll", and gets very angry when her little body just doesn't cooperate with her bid for stardom.

Attempt number two: Lily is too keyed up and nervous from her last failed attempt at rolling over. Her poor little tummy just can't handle it.

Attempt number three: After a good nap, it's time for another try...

Noah, so far, has not kept up with his sister's new skill. He HATES being on his tummy and uses tummy time to put up a raucous protest, rather than trying to get onto his back. But he is managing to get from his back onto his side, so that's not too bad. [For those un-obsessed with baby milestones, here's a factoid: Babies used to roll over front-to-back first, then back-to-front. Back-to-front is harder. But now that babies are mandated to sleep on their backs, a lot of babies now roll back-to-front before they learn front-to-back. This pushes the milestone back from about 4 months to more like 5-6. In other words, Noah is fine. Just picky.]

The babies are getting more and more fun every day. They give us little laughs all the time now, and they are starting to like things that normal people think are fun, such as being "tossed" (an inch) into the air, funny noises, and having their feet tickled. Lily also LOVES watching TV. We are apparently terrible parents. Today I came home from work to very hungry babies, and the only way Scott could keep Lily calm was to hold her where she could see the TV. Turn it off, she would scream--turn it back on, and she was happy. *sigh*


Vicki said...! After watching these videos of Lily and Scott's emailed video this evening of Noah laughing, there is no way we can stay away until you guys come in November! We'd like to zip up for a few hours one weekend soon - not to spend the night. Just drive up one morning early, visit a bit, and drive back home that night. The babies are incredible! Thanks for sharing!

Esther said...

I just found your blog! So fun! I absolutely cracked up at your multitasking comments! Been there, done that!
I will definitely keep checking back for your updates on life with twins!