Saturday, May 30, 2009

how to lose 35 pounds in a week

Try this amazing new diet plan! It really works!

Step 1: Give birth to twins.

Step 2: Pee. A lot.

In actual baby news, the jaundice is getting better! Lillian has been freed from her machine and is allowed to actually roam about the house, which is amazing. We keep laying her back in her crib after feedings, and she just looks at us, and suddenly we realize that she doesn't HAVE to go back to bed for 24 hours a day. So now I have to figure out what it is babies are supposed to do...

Noah's bilirubin levels were a tiny bit lower but still at a 14, so he gets to keep glowing. We're grateful that he hasn't gotten any worse though, and at the rate that he needs diaper changes, it shouldn't be long before he is released as well.

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