Tuesday, May 19, 2009

on the growing possibility of becoming un-pregnant

It still doesn't feel like it can be real, but time appears to be growing short for these kiddos in their murky little home. At the moment my brain is fuzzy and it feels easier to explain in list form:

1. I've been told for some time that the babies wouldn't be allowed to overstay their welcome past 38 weeks. I am now 36 1/2 weeks.

2. Apparently, "past 38 weeks" means "past the second I get to 38 weeks" instead of "the week-ish that I hit 38 weeks". Since the twinkies have gone head-down, this will likely mean either natural labor or induced labor by Friday, May 29.

3. That is 10 days from today.

4. Last week (5 days ago, to be exact) the doctor checked my nether regions and things were rather unexciting. This led me to envision, even expect and plan, that I would have a planned induction the week of Memorial Day.

5. I like plans. I like them a lot. I therefore began to refine the plan:

a. Memorial Day (Monday) is a holiday. They don't schedule babies on holidays, so it would have to be after that.

b. Labor can take a long time. Why would the hospital schedule something that takes a long time on a Friday, when it could run into the weekend? So Friday was probably out.

c. Scott is working baseball games for extra moolah lately, and his last game is Wednesday. It would be a shame to miss extra moolah, right? So it would be best not to have the babies on Tuesday or Wednesday.

d. Thursday is the only choice left; therefore, we must have babies next Thursday. Q.E.D.

6. I went to the doctor this afternoon, expecting another uneventful screening of my non-public parts. And then a nice little discussion of when to schedule the induction, which would end with a nice little schedule for sometime on Thursday. Maybe in the morning, when the sunlight is prettiest. But not too early, and then I could sleep in a little. I thought maybe they'd even give m a nice little appointment card with the time to go to the hospital.

7. Apparently the babies have decided that next Thursday sounds awfully far away. They are cramped and stuffy, and may not want to put up with the view of my abdominal cavity for that long. One of the babies has gone so far as to get his/her head "engaged", which means they're as far south as they can go without actually coming out.

8. To top it off, my doctor thought she would manually "stimulate my prostaglandins" (these are hormones or chemicals that begin labor) and help things along.

9. I do NOT like having prostaglandins stimulated. I realize that there are likely far more uncomfortable sensations in my near future. I probably won't like those either.

10. And in short, I am on "high alert" for having babies. They may come next Thursday. They may come this Thursday. They may come before breakfast tomorrow. Does this bother anyone else??? I had a PLAN! It was a NICE plan!! But now, even if they follow my plan, it won't even matter because I'll have spent the intervening week and a half in a constant state of anticipation. I need to have a talk with Scott--we have GOT to figure out a way to get these kids under control--otherwise, who knows what kind of teenagers they will turn out to be?

So, I am waiting. Still, again, whatever. I have an appointment in 2 days to monitor the babies for awhile and make sure their little hearts and stuff are good to go before labor.

IF I haven't had them by then. (!!!)


Erica said...

After weeks of saying, "I can't wait to get these babies out of here," to my doctor, the day he told me that he was going to induce in 2 days I thought I was going to hyperventilate.

You can do this!

Can I give you one bit of unsolicited twin advice? Keep them on a schedule, especially for feeding. Feed them every three hours, together or one right after the other. If one wants to eat earlier, feed him or her, then feed the other one too. Then, wait three hours after that to feed them both again. After a while, it will come naturally to you. It will make happy babies, and it will keep you sane. I promise.

Hewittfolks said...

You are preaching to the choir. :) I've been reading books like nobody's business, and while they all say different things, the schedule thing is pretty unanimous among the books I like, and especially in the twin ones. But it's nice to know that it's doable and worth it! I'm sure I'll have many more questions when it comes right down to it, but for now it's comforting to think of a nice, predictable schedule that will solve all my problems. :)