Thursday, May 28, 2009

jaundice update and pictures

Just a quick update about the jaundice: The babies' bilirubin levels came back better today, which was quite a relief, even though they very well may bounce up again. Noah was a 14.4 and Lillian was a 12.6. The goal, again, is under 12. So... maybe tomorrow! I'm looking forward to taking our first walk with the babies, but that would be very difficult with those vacuum cleaner hoses. It helps motivate me to keep up with the extra feedings and supplementing with water.

And now for a few pictures. This is just a sampling of my favorites, but it's at least something to have up for now.


Hewitt's said...

Thanks for the update, your blogs are great. I love the first picture!!!

Read on! said...

Hi Lisa
I love reading all about the babies. I hope that you are able to get a bit more rest when the jaundice improves- especially after a caesarian. Stephen had jaundice for two weeks just when we were ready to go home from hospital- really badly too - and he is fine now :-). I think it made him a really good sleeper and a regular feeder too so there were some lasting benefits!

Scott's video in facebook is amazing too. All those hewitt boys seem to be clever :-).