Friday, November 11, 2011

fall fun with the fam

We recently had visitors from the north: Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Mark, and his girlfriend Teresa came to visit. We had a lot of fun going to a pumpkin patch, a couple of fall festivals, a local zoo, and otherwise just having fun at home.

Lily was less-than-enthused about posing with pumpkins....

...but everybody had fun feeding the animals.

Riding the "train"...

Uncle Mark makes a fabulous horsie:

We went to a Halloween festival at Fort Hood...

On the morning of Halloween, Grandma and I took the twins to the Austin Children's Museum. Their favorite part? The stairs, of course...

We painted some miniature pumpkins that Gemma bought for us. I thought the kids would be too little to really get much out of it, but they had an absolute blast, and did a lot better than I expected!

Lily was not impressed with pumpkin guts.

Noah thought it was great fun though.

Meet Emily's new puppy, Knox. Enjoy the cutness now. In a year and a half he will weigh 200 lbs.

All decked out for Halloween: