Wednesday, July 18, 2012

a family business venture?

Based on Lily and Noah's newfound scissors obsession and the ever-growing threat of identity theft, I believe we have the potential to start our own small business.  If anyone needs professional help shredding documents, we've got you covered!  Your personal information will be extremely secure for at least a year or two, until the kiddos learn to read.  

In related business news, we may be looking to contract out for professional cleaning services.  Noah tries hard, but the more he sweeps... the more spread out the pieces get!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


All right, so it's been a long time.  A loooooonnng time.  It's amazing how much it can feel like every day blends in with the rest so that there's nothing to report... and yet when I start looking back and thinking of summing it all up, there's SO much that it's overwhelming!  So that has been my story for the past several months.

Several things have happened or are happening in the Hewitt household and extended family which fall under the broad category of growth:

  • First and foremost, there's a baby coming!  After recovering from twinfants for a couple of years, Scott and I were brave enough to try for "just one".  Happily, we were successful, and the newest Hewitt should be here in early September.  I didn't want to find out the sex of the baby this time, and although Scott thought that was a crazy idea, he has been kind enough to play along.  Lily named the baby "Gus" for now.  

  • We have a new niece/cousin!  Abigail was born to Scott's brother and sister-in-law in March.  Despite some pretty big indications during the pregnancy that she would have heart problems, she was miraculously born completely healthy (and adorable!).  

  • Baby Abby, at about 3.5 months

    • Noah and Lily turned three in May.  I'm not sure where my babies went, but they are long, long gone. I can't believe how big they are these days!  They chatter constantly, remember SO much, and question everything.  Being off with them for the summer is exhausting on a daily basis, but so much fun!  

    • We bought a house!  After a year of renting a small house in Bastrop, a house happened to go on the market that was exactly what we were looking for.  It's rather more blue than I would like, and it didn't have a fence, but otherwise it's pretty much our "dream" home.  Scott fixed us up with a fence pretty quickly, and it looks great!  

    A little of our pretty new fence!
    • We are about to embark on a multi-state trip, since both my sister Emily and my brother Mark are getting married!  Emily and Dan eloped last July but are having a traditional ceremony near Nashville on their first anniversary.  And Mark is getting married to Teresa less than a week later, in Bloomington, Illinois.

    And that is all for now... this post has taken me about three hours, since I have to stop about every 3 minutes and provide entertainment, breakfast, or conflict resolution.  Not to mention that blogger has apparently made a lot of changes to their formatting since I was here last, and it's taking me a long time to do things.  So ta-ta for now... hopefully I'll update in less than 8 months...