Thursday, March 28, 2013


Okay, I have blogger's guilt.  And I am very tired, and coming down with a cold.  

Therefore, I will compromise.  I will post pictures and news, but in very brief terms.  


Naomi is six months old!

She (sometimes) loves the swing!

Lily and Noah continue to take their posts as Baby Entertainers very seriously.

I have no idea.

Although Naomi remains doggedly stationary (she's only rolled over a few times each way) and isn't a steady sitter yet, she is apparently determined to backflip out of her Bumbo...

We went wild turkey hunting in our backyard!  (Successfully!)

Over spring break, we took Gemma and Grandad to Sea World with us to be our Professional Baby Handlers.  The big kids LOVED getting to see Shamu...

...until he unapologetically soaked us all.  I will never forget the look of shock and horror on poor Lily's face!  She finally cheered up enough to smile for a picture!

Naomi's main characteristic is still "happy". 

Mommy and her sweet girl!

Bounce, bounce, bounce...